Information and FAQ

The CES E36 M3 Stage II and stage III turbo systems  are a culmination of over 2 years of engineering and testing to produce one of the most powerful, reliable, and complete systems on the market today.  We designed our systems for the enthusiast who wants supercar performance, without the "supercar" pricetag!  Although it may not be the cheapest mod you can do to your E36, where else can you add almost 300 reliable, everyday hp for less than $10k?  Fabricated out of high quality T304 Stainless Steel, and paired with the Garrett GT35R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo, the CES Stage II Turbo System increases power from the stock motor 240hp to a powerful 500+ peak hp and 500+ peak torque!  The stage III brings the peak power to an even more stunning 600+ hp and torque!  Also, unlike most systems available today, our CES Turbo Systems come complete with a full 3" turbo back exhaust system with a unique V-banded interchangeable center section to allow for either straight pipe, high flow cat, or 5" magnaflow resonator.  With dual 3.5" polished tips, it is truly a masterpiece of design and functionality. 

CES Turbo System Highlights:

- All Exhaust piping is Show Quality Polished T304 Stainless Steel, and Intercooler piping is 16G Polished Aluminum.  Very light, very durable. 

- GT35R turbo comes standard in our kits.  Not an upgrade...

- .82 turbo backhousing utlized for quick boost response on the street

- Huge Custom Designed Intercooler capable of flowing over 800whp comes standard with 3" inlet and outlet bead rolled pipes

- 3" polished stainless custom "turbo to tips" exhaust system comes standard with interchangeable v-band center insert

- Custom Tuning using factory ECU with rock solid Active Autowerke software

- Larger 44mm Tial Wastegate comes standard for maximum boost control

- Custom metal BOV re-route pipe comes standard. (not rubber hose)

- Factory-like appearance in the engine bay

- Reliable, Daily-Driven, Proven Street Power!

- Competitively Priced and can be built to suite...


What makes this turbo kit different than any other kit out there?

Most other kits do not offer the options we offer standard, and most kits don't include the complete exhaust system in their base kit price.

Most kits are not made of t304 polished "show quality" stainless steel, and usually come with very heavy mild steel pipes that are coated to keep  from rusting... 

Our kit can be retro-fit to any Active Autowerke kit using their existing turbo manifold. 

Our kit is also easily upgradeable.  Stage III kit adds a few more components (built motor required for maximum reliability), and keeps all the stage II system components standard for almost another 100whp gain!

What kind of power do the kits really have?

Our stage II kit puts +430-450hp at the wheels at 15psi on 93 octane on a Dynojet Dyno.  Depending on various factors such as outside temp, motor condition/configuration, etc...  Our stage III kits at 17 psi put +500hp to the wheels on pump and water/meth and can do as much as 700whp on 100 octane at 30 psi with the upgraded GTX35R billet turbo wheel.   Click on the link below for more dyno information... 

When will your stage IV kit be coming out and what will it include?

We are in the process of developing a stage IV turbo system for the E36 M3 which should be available in kit form at the end of 2008.  It will have a GT4094R turbo configuration with 4" exhaust system, and all top of the line components just as our other kits offer.  We will hopefully have stock ECU capabilities with this kit utilizing 60# injectors, but we will have to see if we can get this to work.  If not, all our stage IV kits will be offered with a plug and play AEM standalone engine management system with tunes for 93 octane 18psi, and C16 race fuel at up to 28psi.  Water/Meth injection is also an option for both of these.  Estimated Hp levels should be in the mid 600whp range for pump gas setting, and mid 700whp range for race fuels.   We will be posting more pics of the build as we get closer to finalizing this system.  Pricing will probably be in the $15K range depending on what options we include.


What about the other turbo systems for the E46, 335i, and M5 and M6?


We have teamed up with ASR engineering in Miami, Fl and are co-developing various products as well as turbo kits for the newer BMW's.  The E46 M3 turbo kits will probably be our next "CES in-house" projects, and the 335i turbo upgrades and M5 and M6 twin turbo kits are in the works as we speak with ASR Engineering.  We will post more information as we get closer to our prototype debuts...

Please don't hesitate to call or email us for more information or questions you may have...

The CES Motorsport Team