CES Motorsport 750IL Diff Conversion Bracket



(Comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions)


CES Motorsport Custom designed mounting bracket conversion kit for E36 BMW using a bigger  750IL Diff.


Some welding required to mount bracket onto the stock E36 Diff.


Can be purchased separately, or together as a complete package upgrade including the differential, high hp driveshaft and/or halfshafts as well. 


The 750 diff is a 3:15 gear with sport LSD at 25% lock, which has a bigger 210 ring and pinion to hold much more power without the risk of breaking like the stock E36 differential has a tendency to do under the stresses of turbo boosted power.   Compatible with stock E36 halfshafts and 6 bolt driveshaft. 


BMW used this bigger diff in the euro evo E36 M3 models but was a less turbo friendly 3:64 LSD. 


Save $$$ with our conversion kit instead of having to purchase a euro subframe to be compatible with the euro diff.



Pics of CES Motorsport Bracket and 750 Diff installed on E36