-We are a Top European Car Performance Center located just outside of Charlotte, NC specializing in Mild to Extreme Performance Enhancements and Modifications for your  Bmw, Porsche or Mercedes and now the 2020 A90 MKV SUPRA.


-Our specialty is our own line of High Performance Turbo Systems and Bolt on Performance Upgrades for BMW's with our most powerful  kits producing well over 1000 horsepower.


-With over 25 years experience in fabrication, development, and installation of high performance parts, Turbo upgrades, Supercharger Upgrades, Nitrous and Meth Injection Systems, Performance software flashing, Dyno Testing, and taking our cars to the track... we share an unbridled passion for modifying and enhancing the performance and looks of European vehicles.


-Fully custom in house installations and ecu tuning available for the decerning customer looking to get the maximum performance out of their street machine.  We do everything  from simple bolt on installations to completely custom turnkey builds.


-Competitive pricing and labor rates for regular to extreme custom level installs.


-5000sq ft facility with in-ground dynojet dyno.


-We offer exclusive in-house BMW ECU Performance Software flashing, as well as fully custom dyno tested stock ECU tunes for your BMW.




-Come see why we are the best at what we do.