CES Motorsport offers the most reliable and powerful turbo system upgrades on the market today for your BMW.


We specialize in BMW Turbo Performance Upgrades, and have engineered performance turbo systems that rival and surpass todays top supercars, while still offering daily driven reliabiliy and functionality at a fraction of the cost. 


All of our turbo systems come with the most up to date, top of the line race proven components that complement the finest CES quality custom engineered components we offer to maximize air flow, power levels and reliability.  


Our systems are designed with custom stock ecu performance tunes that are made specifically to work with the factory ECU to give everyday OEM turn key reliability and performance from some of the finest tuners in the industry.


Designed to be upgraded without having to purchase all new hardware every time more power is desired like most systems out there, many  of our lower stage turbo systems retain all the main components we use, but can produce much more than the power levels they are tuned for without having to upgrade to larger more powerful components when you are ready for more!  


We offer pump gas daily driven tuned systems, pump gas and custom meth injection tuned systems, and Eblend or Full E tunes systems for greatly increased power levels versus on pump gas alone, or full out race fuel tunes for ultimate power goals.


We offer comprehensive upgrade packages to our turbo stages which are available to suit each individuals power goals down the road.


Please compare our kits with anything else out there, and you will come to agree that there is no substitute.


We have a Passion for Performance!


- The CES Motorsport Team