Customer Cosmo and his BMW E39 ESS Supercharged M5



Cosmo came to us wanting to get some more reliable power out of his extremely beautiful ESS VT1-560 supercharged E39 M5.  We brought the car in and did some baseline dyno runs to determine just how much power the car was putting down, and decided to do a full upgrade package that included a custom Aquamist Meth Injection System, upgraded fuel pump kit and larger injectors, upgraded smaller pulley kit, and Nick G stock ECU tuning.  The results speak for themselves...  We brought the car from 463 wheel horsepower up to 536 wheel horspower and 396 wheel torque to 441 wheel torque.  This was a custom built software package from scratch that we collaborated with Nick G from Technique Tuning to produce and develop.  Our goal was to offer an OEM like reliable and quality stock ECU tune for customers interested in this type of upgrade looking to get the most out of their ESS supercharger system. Unlike the ESS tune that would not allow the car to pass emmissions or be inspected... (even with stock headers and stock catalysts that Cosmo's car had), our CES ESS upgrade package allows for full readiness and emmissions ready software, that also packs an added 70 wheel horsepower punch. Even more peak power would have been gained if we  kept the rpms at 7200, but the rpm limit was pulled back to 7K for reliability since this car's motor had over 168,000 miles on the clock.  It came in and left as a daily driven beast.  Congrats to Cosmo for one of the nicest and fastests E39 M5's around.  We hope he is enjoying the new found power.  

Before and After Dyno


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