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There are three cutring headgasket bore sizes... 


84.5mm bore for M50/52 motors that are stock bore or overbore up to 84.5mm.


86mm bore for M50/52 motors that are overbored beyond 84.5 mm, or for stock S50 motors that are 86mm.


87mm bore for S52 stock bore 86.4mm motors, S50 motors bored over 86mm, or S50/S52 motors with up to 87mm overbore.


"Decided to go Forced Induction on your BMW E36? This is your answer!"


The Cut Ring Headgasket is the ultimate replacement gasket kit for a boosted BMW E36 motor, and hands down the best gasket to use with a Forced Induction BMW E36 motor.  Have a built stock compression motor and don't want to buy new low compression pistons and force a rebuild? Pair the cutring with our copper spacer to lower stock compression on an S50/52 motor from 10:5:1 to a more boost friendly 9:1, and 8:5:1 on M52. 

This is also the absolute best gasket combo option for a stock E36 motor looking to lower compression versus an MLS (multi-layered steel) gasket that will almost always eventually leak between the layers under boost.

Tested to pressures to well over 30+ psi.  Pair with ARP2000 head studs upgrade for maximum results

Why Buy From Us? 

We have sold hundreds and hundreds of these gaskets, have installed so many of these professionally, and every customer gasket purchase gets our complimentary tech support. 


Purchase with confidence from the Experts!



We Are Not Liable for Improperly Installed Gaskets

Please Read Our CES Cutring Installation Write Up on Bimmerforums.com for DIY Info and Install Tips!



 High Boost Cut Ring Head Gasket E36 BMW


SCE/ATHENA "High Boost" Cut ring Head Gasket E36 BMW


This custom designed cut-ring gasket kit will allow for boost levels in the +30 psi range, without the additional hassle of having to machine your block for o-ring grooves. Simply lay the hg down like a stock gasket, and then place the rings down next.  When you lay the head down, the cutting grooves on the ring surface will cut into the head creating a tremendous seal.  The cutrings act as a barrier protecting the hg material from combustion and seal the vulnerable area between the piston walls notorious for blowing MLS head gaskets constantly over time.


The latest version of this hg designed by Athena and now owned by SCE includes newer style cutrings that have a triple groove cutting surface (vs. the older style we used to use with only 1 cut groove) for maximum sealing. This head gasket can support both M50/52 motors and S50/52 motors up to 87mm bore built motors, so please choose the size you need accordingly. These gaskets can also be paired with our custom designed copper spacer which lowers compression to a more boost friendly 9:1 on stock compression motors.


Does NOT damage cylinder head when cutrings cut into the head.  These grooves are very slight and are machined out during cylinder head re-decking... the same amount which would have to be re-decked for an MLS headgasket to seal properly with a flat surface.


Cut Ring Headgasket Only


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 CES Copper Spacer Gasket E36



CES Copper Spacer E36 BMW


The copper spacer gasket we offer is heat treated and annealed, which makes it super soft and malleable to help with sealing, especially if surfaces are not perfectly flat. These copper gaskets are used by top fuel dragsters for their durability and sealing properties that are far superior to normal gaskets.


For use when paired with the high boost cutring headgasket on stock compression S50/52 E36 BMW motors to lower compression for higher boosted forced induction applications above 10-12 psi.


This is the ultimate upgrade for lowering compression on a stock BMW motor or built stock compression motor, and far superior to MLS that are prone to failure and leaking between the layers, especially at highetr boost levels.


Have a built motor but stock compression pistons and don't want the hassle or expense to have to replace the pistons with low compression ones?  Purchase our cutring gasket/copper spacer combo we offer and save yourself from rebuilding the motor!


Copper Spacer gasket only


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 CES Copper Spacer Cutring HG Combo E36








"Purchase our copper spacer and cutring hg as a combo and save!"


This is the ultimate headgasket kit to lower compression  on your stock E36 M3 motor.  Have a built motor with stock compression and want to go FI?  No problem!  This is your solution instead of having to purchase new lower compression pistons.

Best of all, now you have another option instead of having to use an MLS gasket to obtain thicker headgaskets sizes.  No more MLS woes where  boost constantly leaks between the layers or between the cylinders. Our copper spacer / cutring headgasket combo has been proven to hold in excess of 30psi boost and is the only gasket kit we recommend when trying to lower compression from 10:5:1 on your stock E36 M3 motor to a more boost friendly 9:1, or for your M50/52 motor to lower stock 10:0 compression to a boost friendly 8:5:1... Hundreds sold! 


CES Cutring Headgasket/Copper Spacer Combo 


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 ARP 2000 10mm Head Stud Upgrade Kit


BMW E36 ARP 2000 Head Stud Kit 10mm


ARP 201-4302 Head Stud Kit

ARP 2000, 12-Point Nuts; BMW Inline-6 (2.5L M50 / 2.8L M52 / 3.0L S50US / 3.2L S52US) BMW E36


Allows for much higher clamping force than oem head bolts utilizing much stronger ARP 2000 material.  Comes complete with studs, nuts, washers, and new arp ultra torque-lube  (Due to the additional clamping force between the head and block, these studs are ideal for turbocharged or supercharged applications) Have been proven to hold down the head in 30+ psi boosted applications with our cutring headgaskets and headgasket combos.


"We recommend torquing these head studs using the older ARP 35/65/85 ft lb final torque spec when using these studs with the cutring headgasket or cutring hg/spacer combo..."


ARP 2000 Head Stud Kit BMW E36

$ 199.00


 CES Cutring Headgasket/Copper Spacer/ARP 2000 Head Stud Combo Kit



CES BMW E36 Cutring Headgasket, Copper Spacer, ARP 2000 Head Stud COMBO Special!


Purchase our complete bolt on lower compression headgasket package for your BMW E36 project and Save Big!


CES Cutring Headgasket/Copper Spacer/Arp2000 Combo Kit 


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 Replacement Cutring Headgasket Only (No Rings)


Replacement SCE/Athena Cutring Head Gasket with No Rings



Need just a replacement Gasket without the cutrings? We now offer the gaskets by themselves without the rings for a discounted price.


The cutrings are reusable as long as the cutting surfaces are still sharp and they are not bent or damaged.  If they are not sharp or are warped or damaged, we recommend you purchase the full cutring gasket kit.


One Size Fits All


Cutring Gasket Replacement without Cut Rings (Gasket Material Only)

$ 135.00


 CES Cutring Headgasket ARP2000 Head Stud Combo



CES Cutring Head Gasket and ARP2000 Head Stud COMBO KIT E36 BMW


Purchase our Cutring Headgasket / ARP2000 Combo together and save.  This combo will NOT lower the compression of a stock motor or built stock compression motor.  It is designed to replace the OEM gasket.  We offer this in 84-85mm bore size for the M50/52 motor, and 87mm bore size for the S50/52 motor only.




ARP 2000 Head Stud Kit BMW E36

$ 450.00

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