RallyRoad BMW E36 Fuel Pump Installation Sleeve Adapter (VERSION 2)


This is an aircraft quality billet adapter sleeve and clamp kit designed to simplify the installation of an Aeromotive or Walbro fuel pump upgrade into the factory BMW E36 fuel pump housing and carrier.  Mounts the new pump securely in the proper location.


Version 2 design has integrated grooves to allow for better clamping of the pump once it is fastened in place.


Includes an all stainless steel mil-spec hose clamp to secure the fuel pump.  There is a notch on the top  of the sleeve to clip into the oem plastic carrier so it sits securely.  Attach the clamp to the bottom edge  of the fuel pump sleeve which stops the pump from sliding too far down and keeps the pump secure. 


The Version 2 accomodates Walbro 400/450 pumps as well as the walbro 255 and aeromotive 340. 





Fuel Pump Sleeve Adapter







BMW E36 Ultlimate 750 Diff Conversion Kit


RallyRoad has taken the CES 750 diff conversion bracket and paired it up with their new and improved rear 750 diff mounting bracket (which replaces the now obsolete rear mount euro diff bracket) to make the ultimate install package for the 750 diff conversion which we pioneered so many years ago.


The RallyRoad bracket is machined from a 1.5" thick plate of 6061-T6 Aluminum and is much stronger than the factory cast euro bracket.  It also eliminates the need to add solid bushings to the OEM euro diff bracket.


This ultimate 750 diff conversion kit makes it possible to bolt in a differential from the E32 750i (or E34 M5) which has a much larger 210mm ring gear to an oem bmw E36 M3 subframe which will handle well over 1000 hp reliably.


"Add our torx bolt/washer upgraded subframe reinforcement package, custom designed DSS 1000 hp 750 diff conversion (chromoly or carbon fiber) driveshaft, and DSS 1000 hp axles to complete your ultimate drivetrain upgrade!"


Please Note...

**This upgrade kit requires the removal of the stock front e36 M3 subframe mount/bushing and welding of our 750 diff bracket to subframe. Rear Rallyroad bracket bolts into 750 diff and stock e36 rear subframe ears to complete the conversion.**


**This conversion kit does not include a 750 differential, or a 6 bolt driveshaft to bolt to the 750 diff. A 95 m3 driveshaft or upgraded DSS driveshaft is required to work with the 750 diff conversion.**






BMW E36 Ultimate 750 Diff Conversion Kit  $235.00





RalllyRoad Ultimate Transmission Brace E36


Never break another aluminum transmission cross-member again! RallyRoad now offers a steel replacement transmission brace to replace the factory aluminum piece found on all E36 car with the ZF 5-speed manual transmission.  Laser cut, CNC Bent, TIG Welded for factory fit and high strength.


RallyRoad E36 Transmission Brace Upgrade  $149.00





E36 Billet Aluminum Euro Differential Bracket


RallyRoad has designed a new and improved version of the now obsolete BMW Euro Differential Bracket that was used to mount the CES 750 Diff Conversion to the stock E36 subframe.


The RallyRoad bracket is machined from a 1.5" thick plate of 6061-T6 Aluminum and is much stronger than the factory cast euro bracket.  It also eliminates the need to add solid bushings to the OEM euro diff bracket.



E36 Billet Aluminum Euro Diff Bracket 






BMW E36 / E46 M3 Ultimate Performance CCI/DKM Brand TWIN DISC Clutch Kits


Want the absolute BEST twin disc clutch for your BMW E36 or E46 M3 for the absolute best price?


This clutch  is it!


Stock pedal feel and engagement, sprung hub disc for quiet, vibration free operation, made completely in house at CCI, and specifically designed to our specs.


Your choice of twin organic or twin segmented ceramic clutch packs for up to 1000whp and 800wtq capability.


  Track tested, and fully capable of handling the extreme power needs of forced induction. 



These clutches are available for:


E36 5 speed trans, Euro Evo 6 Speed Transmission


E46 M3 6 speed and SMG Transmissions



E36 or E46 DKM Twin organic:

800whp and 600wtq capable


BMW E36 M3  $895.00




BMW E46 M3  $895.00

Select Manual or SMG Transmission



E36 or E46 CCI Twin Segmented Ceramic

1000whp and 800wtq capable


BMW E36 M3  $1199.00



BMW E46 M3 $1395.00


Select Manual or SMG Transmission

Please allow 2-3 days for CCI to put together this clutch kit after the order is placed. These drop ship direct from their warehouse in Atlanta, GA.

Shipping costs are for within the continental US only.  Please call for shipping quotes on orders from Canada or for International Orders

*All Pricing Subject to Change without Notice*




"WE also offer full lines of products from various companies, so please call us for competitive pricing from some major aftermarket manufacturers..."

**prices subject to change without notice**