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Thanks Again to all who attended our Annual Showdown Event this Year!!!


Congratulations to our top winners of the 2014 Charlotte Showdown!


Dyno Competition Winner




Alex J.

BMW E36 CES Turbo M3


Dragstrip Event Winner



David K.

72' Chevy Nova


Carshow Event Winner


Justin W.

2004 Infinity G35


NEW Steedspeed BMW E36 twinscroll bottom mount turbo manifold teaser pics


T4 bottom mount twin scroll design with single divided wastegate port... to replace our current manifold design for all our E36 turbo systems. 

The manifold has a much higher turbo flange to raise the turbo giving it the necessary fall to eliminate the need for a scavenge pump and possibly accomodate a larger turbo.... is a much more efficient and engine bay heat friendly bottom mount, super strong (no pipe welds to crack) true twin scroll manifold, utilizing a single large wastegate and re-route pipe like the previous design... making it a much more cost effective way to obtain true twin scroll effectiveness, without having to purchase two wastegates or having to deal with the hassle, and/or fitment issues involved with additional plumbing to accommodate the extra hardware. It will come as a single completed piece with thermal coating. 


Price TBD




WannaGOFAST 1/2 Mile Run Event Heaven's Landing Airstrip in Clayton Georgia Sept 2014


CES MOTORSPORT participated in the Sept 2014 Wanna go fast Event at Heaven's Landing Airstrip in Clayton, GA for their 1/2 mile top speed event.  Two CES cars participated.  Our CES GTX35R Turbo M3 and SM3's CES 4094R Turbo M3.  For our first time running in a half mile event, both cars did exceptionally well...  with the 35R car posting a top speed of 168.5mph and the 4094R car posting an equally impressive 165.5 mph pass.  Both cars were making about 625whp for this event which should be noted was at almost 3000 ft elevation...  With weather rolling in, we were limited to only a few passes, but still were pleased with the results.  Special Thanks to photgrapher T. Parrish for the great shots of the event.




CES MOTORSPORT Makes World's Fastest BMW's Top Ten List on

Worlds fastest BMW's 1/4 mile


Posted By: RBWBMW

ALL BMW POWER: This means BMW engine, trans, and rear end design.

1: 8.941 @ 164.33 Mike Radowski e36 M3 turbo 10-9-2014 **THE SNOWMAN**(No NOS)

2: 9.260 @ 154.83 Donovan Marvin (BMWSOB) e30 turbo 10-30-2009

3: 9.286 @ 153.11 Boris Skoblov e30 turbo 8-14-2011

4: 9.429 @ 155.00 Andreas Arthursson e30 turbo 9-11-2006

5: 9.721 @ 147.80 1.4 60' 26psi 5000ft elevation. Brett Woffinden(RBWBMW)e30 turbo m52 gt35r 8-1-2014 (NOS, 100shot)

6: 9.939 @ 152.65 Ulysses White e36 turbo 11-7-2007


8: 10.432 @ 135.93 CES Motorsport e36 GTX3582r

9: 10.665 @ 137.60 Mike 325isbimmer

10: 10.905 @ 133.78 Bob Weaver m3ti

Thanks to RBWBMW Bimmerforums Member for the Post










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BMW E36 High BOOST Cut Ring Headgaskets in Stock!!! 








BMW M50/52 and S50/52 Cut Ring bore sizes in stock.  


Select Bore Size


CES Lower Compression COPPER SPACER BMW E36


**84-85mm bore sized copper spacer now also available for BMW M50/52 motor**



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CES Copper spacer/Cutring HG COMBO


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87mm Bore Size Copper Spacers.


Decided to go Forced Induction ?  Have a built stock compression motor?  Don't want to buy new low compression pistons and force a rebuild?  This is your answer. 


We can custom order copper spacers to your desired bore size and thickness.  Call us for pricing and availability for these custom order gaskets.



We are authorized US distributors of NUKE performance brand products.  They offer some of the best products we've seen.  Top quality and craftsmanship, and are designed to withstand the types of high horsepower builds we do...


We can order any Nuke products for you.

 CES MOTORSPORT Race Proven Products for the BMW E36

CES E36 Turbo Motormount up to 4" turbo inlet


CES 750 Diff Conversion Bracket for E36


CES E36 Race Ready Expansion Tank










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Placed 7th? or 8th in the world for overall BMW and for specific E36 Chassis not E30 based chassis placed 3rd in world... with our smaller CES GTX35R turbo system and full body weight 95 M3.



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