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For BMW E36 M50/52 and S50/52 Motor Cut Ring Head Gasket Only.

.078" Thickness versus oem thickness of .070"



Select Bore Size

CES Lower Compression COPPER SPACER BMW E36


**84-85mm bore sized copper spacer now also available for BMW M50/52 motor and now just released... 87mm bore copper spacers for S50/52 built motors bored over stock bore of 86.4mm**


0.062" Thickness by itself and .140" Thickness when paired with a cutring headgasket.



Select Bore Size

Cutring Headgasket / Copper Spacer COMBO SPECIAL

 $50.00 savings when purchased together




CES Copper spacer/Cutring HG COMBO Special


Select Bore Size

Decided to go Forced Induction on your BMW E36? This is your answer.  The Cut Ring Headgasket is the ultimate replacement gasket kit for a boosted E36 motor, and hands down the best gasket to use with a Forced Induction E36 motor.  Have a built stock compression motor and don't want to buy new low compression pistons and force a rebuild? Pair the cutring with our copper spacer to lower stock compression on an S50/52 motor from 10:5:1 to a more boost friendly 9:1, and 8:5:1 on M52.  This is the absolute best gasket combo option for a stock E36 motor looking to lower compression as well versus an MLS (multi-layered steel) gasket that will almost always eventually leak between the layers under boost.


Tested to pressures to well over 30+ psi.  Pair with ARP2000 head studs updgrade for maximum results


**Professional Installation Recommended**

Not liable for improperly installed gaskets.  Please search our CES  Cutring Installation write up on Bimmerforums.com for DIY info and installation techniques




 Fuel Pump Billet Installation Sleeve Adapter


RallyRoad BMW E36 Fuel Pump Installation Sleeve Adapter


This is an aircraft quality billet adapter sleeve and clamp kit designed to simplify the installation of an Aeromotive or Walbro fuel pump into the factory BMW E36 fuel pump housing and carrier.  Mounts the new pump securely in the proper location.


Includes an all stainless steel mil-spec hose clamp to secure the fuel pump.  There is a notch on the top  of the sleeve to clip into the oem plastic carrier so it sits securely.  Attach the clamp to the bottom edge  of the fuel pump sleeve which stops the pump from sliding too far down and keeps the pump secure. 


Our modified version accomodates Walbro 400/450 pumps as well as the walbro 255 and aeromotive 340. 









BMW E36 / E46 M3 Ultimate Performance Upgraded TWIN DISC Clutch Kit

call to order




Want the absolute BEST twin disc clutch for your E36 for the absolute best price? This is it.  Stock pedal feel and engagement, sprung hub disc for quiet, vibration free operation, made completely in house at CCI.  Your choice of twin organic or twin segmented ceramic.  Track tested, and fully capable of handling the extreme power needs of forced induction.


Available for E36 5 speed and E46 M3 6 speed and SMG



E36 or E46 Twin organic:   800whp and 600wtq capable 



E36 or E46 Twin Segmented ceramic:   1000whp and 800wtq capable







Active-8 plug and play tuning module! Unlock Your BMW F-Body's Hidden Performance!



Active Autowerke, one of the leaders in BMW performance, is proud to introduce the Active-8 Tuning Module. The Active-8 is a weather-proof module that you plug into your BMW's factory ECU to drastically improve performance outputs. It is truly raising the bar for aftermarket tuning solutions. Impressive results, including steady glitch-free performance gains due to faster processing speeds is what sets it apart.

- Easy to install

- Pre-programmed

- Reversible

- 64-bit processor

- Weather-proof

- High quality OEM-style wiring harness


Performance Gains:


BMW F80/F82 M3/M4

  75+WHP, 68+ft-lbs Torque 


BMW F3X 335i/435i

50+WHP, 47+ft-lbs Torque



50+WHP, 81+ft-lbs Torque



50+WHP, 81+ft-lbs Torque


BMW F10 M5 (S63)

50+WHP, 81+ft-lbs Torque


BMW F12 M6 (S63)

50+WHP, 81+ft-lbs Torque


Active 8 Info and Pricing



We are authorized US distributors of NUKE performance brand products.  They offer some of the best products we've seen.  Top quality and craftsmanship, and are designed to withstand the types of high horsepower builds we do...


We can order any Nuke products for you.

 CES MOTORSPORT Race Proven Products for the BMW E36

CES E36 Turbo Motormount up to 4" turbo inlet




out of stock

New model on the way

CES 750 Diff Conversion Bracket for E36




CES E36 Race Ready Expansion Tank




out of stock


CES MOTORSPORT Makes World's Fastest BMW's Top Ten List on Bimmerforums.com

Worlds fastest BMW's 1/4 mile TOP TEN


Posted By: RBWBMW  www.bimmerforums.com

ALL BMW POWER: This means BMW engine, trans, and rear end design.

1: 8.941 @ 164.33 Mike Radowski e36 M3 turbo 10-9-2014 **THE SNOWMAN**(No NOS)

2: 9.260 @ 154.83 Donovan Marvin (BMWSOB) e30 turbo 10-30-2009

3: 9.286 @ 153.11 Boris Skoblov e30 turbo 8-14-2011

4: 9.429 @ 155.00 Andreas Arthursson e30 turbo 9-11-2006

5: 9.721 @ 147.80 1.4 60' 26psi 5000ft elevation. Brett Woffinden(RBWBMW)e30 turbo m52 gt35r 8-1-2014 (NOS, 100shot)

6: 9.939 @ 152.65 Ulysses White e36 turbo 11-7-2007


8: 10.432 @ 135.93 CES Motorsport e36 GTX3582r

9: 10.665 @ 137.60 Mike 325isbimmer

10: 10.905 @ 133.78 Bob Weaver m3ti

Thanks to RBWBMW Bimmerforums Member for the Post

CES Motorsport Turbo BMW E36 M3 Best 1/4 mile Timesilp


Placed 7th? or 8th in the world for overall BMW and for specific E36 Chassis not E30 based chassis placed 3rd in world... with our smaller CES GTX35R turbo system and full body weight 95 M3.

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